Ugly Crying Black Mascara Tears… UPDATE!

Nashville - Love Like Mine

Ugly Crying Black Mascara Tears

So you’re probably wondering what the heck the title of my post “Ugly Crying Black Mascara Tears” even means.  Well I’m a HUGE fan of the show ‘Nashville’ on ABC and Hayden Panettiere (aka: Juliette Barnes) sings a song called “Love Like Mine” that has a line in it that I can relate to about being hurt and “Ugly Crying Black Mascara Tears”.  I have been hurt by Maybelline… for Discontinuing my favorite & beloved Mascara!

Humble Brag time: Ok, if you know anything about me you know that I love my eyelashes.  Whenever I’m asked what my favorite feature is, I always say my eyelashes.  My husband knows all too well that I literally spend 30+ minutes just to apply my mascara because I want my eyelashes to look perfect! Yes, it’s true, I was blessed in this area.  Most women do not have naturally long & luscious eyelashes, so I am very thankful!  With that said, I’m sure you now realize the importance to me of finding the perfect Mascara!

Really Maybelline?: After 10 years of using the same Mascara, I recently was forced to change due to Maybelline discontinuing the XXL Volume Mascara (hence the ugly crying black mascara tears).  Ladies, you know what it’s like when you find that PERFECT Mascara that just works, well I had that with the Maybelline XXL mascara.  A girl can only go so long trying to make that last tube of your favorite kind work before she realizes that its time to move on.  In my search for the new perfect mascara, I have purchased two: “The Rocket Volume Express” & “The Colossal Volume Express”.

Blog - Mascara Photo

The Rocket Volume Express VS. The Colossal Volume Express

*The Sandy Beach theme of this pic is because all I can think about is the fact that I’m leaving for Hawaii in 41 days!!!*

The Rocket Volume Express: So far so good.  When I first opened and started to use it I thought the actual size of the brush was too big.  Then at one point I thought, “Oh crap, I hope I didn’t just buy this because of the fact that there is hot pink on the packaging”.  Luckily, I overall like it!  The only real “con” I came up with is that I don’t like the tip of the brush – there are no bristles at the very tip, like my old mascara had, that I would use for getting in those harder to reach corners of the eye, eyelashes.


The Colossal Volume Express: I know this may sound weird, but my first comment about this mascara is going to be that I don’t like the smell.  Haha.  I’ve never been so turned off by the smell of a Mascara before.  Ugh.  Moving on…My friends Jessica (The Jones Family Five) & Corianne (Band 0f Burtons) were on pins and needles asking what I thought about The Colossal and when I would blog about it.  I started to explain to them that I love the Brush that comes with the Colossal, but I’m not a fan of the actual consistency of the Mascara. And also regarding the Rocket, I love the consistency of the Mascara, but hate the brush.  It was at that very moment that I had this epiphany – which is my final conclusion to this post.

Final Conclusion: After much discussion and review I have come to the conclusion that  The Colossal Brush needs to be put in The Rocket’s Mascara!   Through this review I’ve realized that I don’t like either the Rocket or the Colossal Mascara’s on their own – BUT with their super powers combined it’s the perfect Mascara!  Once I use both of these I will not purchase them again… I will be moving on and reviewing other Mascara’s.  Keep your eye peeled for my next Mascara review and let me know if you have any Mascara Suggestions for me!



8 thoughts on “Ugly Crying Black Mascara Tears… UPDATE!

  1. Love it – great pictures – super jealous you are going to Hawaii!! I do understand the quest for THE mascara you use – it is one of the most important parts of a make up regimin – without it, you look naked! *gasp* Cant wait to hear about the others!

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